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At-home recycling of bioplastics - and all domestic food waste - thanks to the seriously HOT composting bin

In the hot bin, due to its high insulation value , the contents attains a temperature of 60-70oC, enough for biodegradable plastics and food to compost

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The HOTBIN is an innovative hot compost bin that super heats your food and garden waste to 60°c. It can suit not only individual needs, but also the needs of sport clubs, canteens or schools, mixing food waste with biodegradable plastics.

Biopolymers from bakery waste: now you can eat your cake and wrap the next cake, too

New polymers synthetized from bakery waste make for biodegradable bakery wrapping

BREAD4PLA is a project conducted by a consortium of four European organisation led by AIMPLAS.

It seeked to demonstrate, in a pre-productive pilot plant process, the viability of poly(lactic acid), a bioplastic polymer (PLA), synthesized from waste products of the bakery industry for the production of bakery packaging.

TheCircularLab: a packaging innovation laboratory

TheCircularLab is a packaging innovation laboratory that seeks to study, conceive, test and apply the best practices in a real environment

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In 2017, Ecoembes has launched its pioneering circular economy project in Europe; TheCircularLab, which will involve all phases of packaging: from creation, via ecodesign, up to the reintroduction of our products into the consumption cycle. Based in the La Rioja region, TheCircularLab aims to turn the region into a great centre for experimentation by enabling innovations to be tested on a real scale.

From strategy to financing: comprehensive guidelines for green start-ups

The Guidelines for green start-ups provide an overview of the most relevant areas and issues for green entrepreneurs in order to facilitate the transition towards a climate-friendly economy, by avoiding the irreparable losses involved in unsustainable consumption and production. More specifically, they provide an overview of main barriers, key opportunities and most common as well as most recent financial instruments available for start-ups.