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Public procurement

Circular economy, a holistic approach towards low-carbon Alpine cities

Greencycle is an Alpine Space EU project

Cities and regions in Alpine Space have mainly set their low-carbon objectives and adopted relevant strategies in energy, mobility, construction aso. The project GREENCYCLE aims to introduce the system of circular economy as a holistic approach to support implementation of low-carbon strategies and provide additional 2-4 % greenhouse emission reduction to the partner cities.

Green procurement: white aggregates in road resurfacing sparks up incentive for recycling

When imposing 35% min white aggregates in road resurfacing, the City of Hamburg increased the incentive to use recycled material

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In Hamburg, green public procurement principles are included in the City's overarching procurement policy. Additional environmental contract requirements are imposed by the City specifically for road construction tenders.

Hamburg has taken a significant step forward to encourage an increase of recycling rates in construction materials by establishing an online exchange for soil, debris and construction materials.

Port of Rotterdam: cyclists can enjoy a like-new bike lane, thanks to a bio-based ‘rejuvenator’ for recycled asphalt

In the port of Rotterdam, a bike lane is made completely from recycled asphalt (picture: Port of Rotterdam)

The Port of Rotterdam Authority and the Municipality of Rotterdam in partnership with KWS Infra and Arizona Chemical to deploy recycled asphalt. The processing of rejuvenation utilizes a "rejuvenator" using raw material extracted from pine tree by-products.