Environmental education by Linea Gestioni

Lessons in school classrooms and onsite visits
Learning opportunities

The LGH Company – Linea Gestioni – manages the Integrated Waste Service and Energy Service in Northern Italy. The company aims to provide efficient services for the community and to promote the principles of sustainability.

The company has also launched an educational programme for 10 000 students, which seeks to raise awareness about sustainable development, energy and recycling. This programme is available to all primary and secondary schools in the municipalities in which the company is active, i.e. in the provinces of Brescia, Cremona and Lodi. A core part of the project is the production of a book called The adventures of Professor Terra Terra, about a young boy who uses magical powers to help humanity solve problems related to pollution and over exploitation of the planet.

Main results: 

Around 10 000 pupils each year take part in over 400 classes. The project includes:

  • Lessons on differentiated waste collection
  • Lessons on waste reduction, with advice on smart purchases and how to avoid waste (with a focus on food waste)
  • Lessons on renewable energy, covering renewable energy sources
  • Guided tours of ecological platforms, to teach pupils how to dispose of different types of waste and how a waste collection centre functions
  • Guided visits to LGH plants that process waste and produce energy from renewable sources.