Training material for public procurers on circular construction skills

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Public authorities have an important role to play in the transition towards a more circular built environment. A range of policy levers can be used to stimulate demand for relevant skills.

The training material For public procurers: How to procure circular construction skills? is in the form of a powerpoint presentation devised by the EU-funded BUS-GoCircular project. It aims to help public procurement agents and policymakers understand how they can stimulate demand for circular construction skills through public procurement.

BUS Go Circular - overview

The presentation can be used as a self-learning tool, with links to other resources to learn more about the topic. It can also be used and adapted as needed to help raise awareness among colleagues and business partners on how they can promote circular construction skills.

The various levers that local authorities can use both directly (such as training for their own employees) and indirectly (such as embedding mandatory circular criteria in urban planning documents) to influence construction skills are outlined in the action plan for policymakers.