Fashion For Change Accelerator Programme

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The Accelerator Programme will select 25 outstanding partnerships led by at least one SME, designer or startup (SME, micro-company or self-employed professional) and a transnational partner. The partnerships must seek to create or develop innovative products or services for circular fashion.

The teams selected will be given financial and business support. The call will consider the following specific objectives in order to cover the entire value chain from resources, design, production, retail and consumption to end-of-life:

  • New fibre development and materials recycling
  • Design and manufacture of fashion products using sustainable, recycled and upcycled materials
  • Retail customer services, including repair and return
  • New clothes sharing and reselling business models
  • Software systems for on-demand fashion production.


  • Total funding pool of the call: EUR 275 000 
  • Opening date: 10 January 2022 at 00:00 CET
  • Deadline: 19 April 2022 at 17:00 CET
  • Number of proposals to be funded: 25 selected projects
  • Number of applicants per partnership: at least 2 applicants from at least 2 different eligible countries: the EU-27 or COSME associated countries
  • Maximum funding per proposal: up to EUR 15 000 
  • Funding rate: 100% of eligible costs
  • Duration of the programme: 8 months
  • Type of lead applicants: SMEs, designers and startups from the fashion industry
  • Type of partner applicants: Other SMEs, designers and startups; communication, marketing, education or other industry representatives.