bpost wants to move towards sustainable vending machines

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Vlaanderen Circulair

bpost's project aims to replace all water fountains and vending machines for hot and cold drinks and snacks. The company would like to install new machines that are energy-efficient and produce less waste. It also wants the vending machines to sell healthy, local products.

The project contributes to a more circular economy by focusing on two main objectives:

1. Reduce energy consumption. bpost believes this could be achieved by using energy-efficient cooling techniques, turning off machines at night/during weekends and holidays, installing smart meters and reducing the use of lighting.

2. Reduce waste in several different areas:

  • Plastics: minimise single use plastics (such as cups and stir sticks).
  • Packaging: reduce the amount of packaging used throughout the supply chain for transport and filling.
  • End of life of coffee grounds: the grounds should be collected separately so that this waste stream can be recovered and re-used.
  • Older machines: should be refurbished and upgraded.
Main results

In addition to having a positive environmental impact in terms of waste and energy, the projects aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Use the vending machines as a communication tool, for instance developing health programmes (in conjunction with healthcare services) 
  • Increase employee satisfaction by offering a wide range of products and services
  • Optimise costs.