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Circulytics - a comprehensive circularity measurement tool


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Circulytics supports a company’s transition towards the circular economy, regardless of industry, complexity, and size. Going beyond assessing products and material flows, this company-level measuring tool reveals the extent to which a company has achieved circularity across its entire operations. It does this by using the widest set of indicators currently available: enablers and outcomes.

Developed and tested by more than 30 companies from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s network, Circulytics informs strategy, allows users to see where their level of circularity stands in relation to their industry as a whole, and provides rapid understanding for those moving away from the current ‘take, make, waste’ linear economy. Using company-level data, with applied insights and analysis from EMF's data and metrics team, Circulytics can highlight and inspire opportunities for innovation, while enabling companies to track their progress.

Circulytics 1.0 is closing on 31 August 2020, which means submissions by companies wanting to take part in it need to be completed by then. EMF, however, has been working to improve it and will launch Circulytics 2.0 this October.

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  • Measures a company’s entire circularity, not just products and material flows
  • Supports decision making and strategic development for circular economy adoption
  • Demonstrates strengths and highlights the areas for improvement
  • Provides optional transparency to investors and customers about a company’s circular economy adoption
  • Delivers unprecedented clarity about circular economy performance, opening up new opportunities to generate brand value with key stakeholders.