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The DGNB Navigator – a database fostering transparency on circular economy aspects

The DGNB Navigator – A database fostering transparency on circular economy aspects

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Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen – DGNB e.V.
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Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen

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Construction products make an important contribution to the sustainability and overall performance of a building – through their environmental impact, such as emission of pollutants or consumption of energy during manufacturing and operation or their life cycle costs, which can be significantly affected by inspection and maintenance costs.The DGNB has developed a unique tool, the DGNB Navigator, to assist all those involved in the product selection process and provide them with the transparent information they require. The DGNB Navigator brings designers’ demands and manufacturers’ product information together on a joint platform. By providing the data required for the DGNB certification, it bridges the gap between construction products and building certification. The DGNB Navigator does not contain certifications for construction products, but rather well-structured information on products and their attributes. Circular Economy relevant aspects regarding harmful substances or life cycle assessment data, such as environmental impact, primary energy demand, estimated service life as well as End of Life of construction products, is made transparent on an open access database.

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  • By providing downloadable life cycle assessment data and information on the end-of-life scenarios, the DGNB Navigator facilitates the application of the life cycle assessment method and fosters the use of circular economy suitable construction products;
  • The DGNB Navigator makes well-informed decision making essential in selecting the right product for sustainable building;
  • The DGNB Navigator was developed in order to provide the design team with the necessary support;
  • Manufacturers use the online database to provide relevant product information, which allows the design team to find the exact data needed for the selection process for sustainable building and certification.

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