Futur-E: 23 Italian thermoelectric power plants will get a new life, in consultation with local stakeholders and communities

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Enel is a prominent energy actor in Italy. As a result of its investment in renewable energy, 23 obsolete thermoelectric power plants and one mining area are to be decommissioned.

The Futur-E project aims to reconvert these 23 outdated plants into local facilities satisfying criteria of innovation, social, environmental and economic sustainability, making it a one-of-a-kind large-scale redevelopment of former industrial facilities.

The project is undertaken through international competitions, laboratories and work tables including local stakeholders and communities. It is part of ENEL's new 'Open Power' philosophy, aiming at openness and collaboration with the outside world. The array of proposed projects is broad, from shopping malls to leisure centres, economic facilities and technology hubs.

Montalto di Castro: from power station to smart village

The Futur-E project is currently ongoing: regular updates are provided on the project news page

Main results

The Futur-e in an ongoing project involving 24 sites (with extention planning in the near future). The total sites area is c.a. 3000 and the volume of existing civil or industrial buildings amounts c.a. 8,000,000 mc. The philosophy of the project aims at reusing existing structures as much as possible, avoiding the cost and waste of major demolition.