A guide towards a Circular Fashion Industry

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With this online platform they want to encourage the industry to steer clear of a linear system and to embrace a more circular approach instead (with a focus on durability and avoiding waste).

To accelerate the shift to a circular economy, companies and other actors are encouraged to adopt various strategies and to take action. Fashion entrepreneurs have the chance to make a difference and to affect the lifecycle of a garment. Such a product lifecycle consists of the following phases: Resources, Design, Production, Retail, Consumption, End of Life.

For each phase, they have formulated five strategies to implement in a circular fashion industry. Given that it is impossible to apply all strategies to every part of the chain, this guide wants to encourage you to select a few strategies that are workable for you. After all, the success of a strategy depends on several factors (such as the size, focus and location of your business).

In addition, this tool offers quite a lot of practical tips and tricks that refer you to existing platforms, research that has already been done, as well as organisations that make an important contribution to the circular economy.

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  • Practical tool for people in the fashion industry
  • Cases that explain what circular fashion can be