How recyclable is this packaging, once in consumers' hands? PREP Design makes a thorough assessment.

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PREP Design - Anthony Peyton

PREP is a tool used by brand owners and packaging designers. By entering all the packaging characteristics in the platform software, a detailed report lists what happens to it when recycled by consumers and to which extent it is recyclable in real-life conditions.

Uniquely, PREP provides design feedback if the item is not recyclable and applies to all consumer packaging formats and materials.

It currently applies to products sold in UK, Australia and New Zealand but can be readily adapted to include other nations.

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By going through every detail and component of the packaging solution, PREP is a powerful education tool for packaging designers and brands that are committed to achieving 100% recyclable packaging. Shortly, it will be augmented to allow users to also enter recycled content for each item in order to track the progresses across the SKU range.