Love them, wear them out, wear them again: full repair service is part of this eco-responsible shoe line

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The Swedish company Kavat is one of the first footwear companies to have acquired the EU Ecolabel in 2008.

Kavat produces durable and high-quality shoes made of sustainable materials, by resorting to very eco-friendly manufacturing processes. According to the EU Ecolabel footwear criteria, Kavat aims to limit chemical use as much as possible during the manufacturing process.

As part of its contribution to circularity, Kavat offers a repair service for its older models shoes for women and men.

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  • Kavat has banned most chrome and dye substances, as well as perflourinated and polyflourinated compounds (typically used for hydrophobicity, stain- and fire-resistance) from its shoes.
  • For shoe maintenance, Kavat provides an Eco Wax made from marigold oil, carnauba wax and other vegetable extracts.
  • Most of its shoes are produced in Europe.