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:metabolon - climb a landfill and enjoy a circular experience


The project :metabolon has created an innovation site with a focus on research, education and circular economy on the Leppe landfill in Lindlar, Germany, where a competence centre for circular economy, resource management as well as environmental and landfill technologies has been established.

The landfill has been made accessible to the public so that circular economy and modern waste management can be experienced by everyone. The site also provides a viewing platform on the top of the landfill and a multitude of information options and recreational activities for junior as well as senior visitors. It is a place to learn about circular economy and create the future together.

Main results: 
  • The project :metabolon is continuously evolving and gives rise to many interdisciplinary co-operation activities between experts and research institutions to create innovation in circular economy and to educate the current and next generation for a prospective implementation of a sustainable circular economy.
  • Every year more than 50 000 visitors and over 5 000 pupils and students demonstrate the wide acceptance of the project by the public.
  • It can be considered as a kind of exhibition site for good practices in sustainable circular economy, research and education as well as for leisure and recreation.
  • Due to its unique research infrastructure :metabolon has become a reference site for international experts.