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From old jeans to new denim clothes

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The Hungarian fashion brand Sharolta makes upcycled denim clothes and bags in Budapest. They collect jeans at several collection points in the city, and work with companies that can provide them with textile waste.

All clothes are 100% upcycled except for the straps, zips and buttons. The company sells items and clothes for women and men, targeting customers keen to avoid fast fashion and to abide by ethical fashion principles.

The company also makes charity products, such as school bags, for projects helping orphans in Africa. The company has been active since 2015.

Main results: 
  • Sharolta makes items with an environmental impact up to 85% lower than new clothes
  • Compared to other companies, Sharolta uses 50-90% less energy, raw materials and water during the manufacturing process
  • In 2016, the company was selected by WAMP, the Hungarian Design Market
  • In 2017, they were WAMP's Seller of the Month