OLTRECAFE': short circuit Italian pellets

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VALSAMOGGIA (Bologna - Emilia Romagna Region)
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Innovation for ecological products by recycling
Local coffee and wood production chain
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ICESP (Italian Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform)
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This is not a practice but a circular company. Oltrecafé is the first company to produce Italian pellets from coffee grounds. This kind of pellet generates more heat than wood does and helps meet the strong demand in Italy for pellets with a view to providing sustainable heating. Oltrecafé meets two needs:

  1. reducing waste production and increasing recycling 
  2. producing clean, sustainable energy by using a renewable resource to produce a pellet which is 100% made in Italy and 100% recycled.

Oltrecafé seeks to promote recycling and the reuse of waste through green business activities. Its ultimate objective is to produce 100% ecological, locally made pellets, helping its client companies to reach their sustainability objectives by reducing their carbon footprint and enabling consumers to buy high quality, eco-friendly products.

The company carries out R&D activities to create various ecological products which add value to waste raw material by using a circular "zero waste" process.

Identified challenge (s)
Main results
  • Oltrecafé's recovery and recycling services geared to coffee and wood production chain stakeholders increase their social value: they can be sure that the waste delivered to Oltrecafé will be recycled in a circular process rather than being disposed of.
  • By recycling, producing and distributing these eco-friendly pellets in a very short circuit, Oltrecafé reduces the energy needed for transport.
  • The company uses self-produced energy for its production processes, thus avoiding fossil fuels.
  • Oltrecafé produces wood pellets made only from selected wood waste from local companies, and so it does not contribute to deforestation.
  • Most of Oltrecafé's employees are women.