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Recycling mattresses

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Bedzzzy is a great example of a 'product as a service'. Based in the Netherlands, it targets old mattresses which are a major source of waste. Bedzzzy estimates that every year, about 1.5 million mattresses are discarded in the Netherlands alone, resulting in 30 million kg of raw materials which are just thrown out.

To greatly improve mattresses' recycling potential, they developed the very first 100% circular mattress. It is circular by design, being made solely of steel and polyester, with no foam or chemical additives. At the end of its life, the mattress can be completely disassembled, and its (now secondary) raw materials can be reused. An important point is that the recycling process avoids the depreciation of materials to ensure a closed loop.

Moreover, Bedzzzy offers its customers two purchasing options: a low rate over five years or a single rate – both targeted at getting the mattress back to the factory for 're-recycling'. When purchasing a mattress, customers may also opt to leave their old mattress at Bedzzzy, which will ensure that it is dismantled and recycled.

Main results: 
  • Production of 100% circular mattresses
  • Customers can return their mattresses to Bedzzzy for recycling, even those not produced to the same ecodesign standards
  • All mattresses are made locally, developed by Koninklijke Auping, and help boost local employment