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Surplus capacity? Waste it no more: Floow introduces B2B asset sharing

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Floow2 - Laury Zwart

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The term “sharing economy” has become a staple in our current society and making more efficient use of what we already have is becoming more important every day.

FLOOW2 provides organizations with a tool that allows them to take on a fitting new business model: sharing assets. Sharing assets is an integral part of the development towards a more circular economy, in which loops are closed and disruptive business models are the talk of the town.

FLOOW2 developed a business-to-business sharing marketplace ( that makes companies’ surplus capacity, waste & materials transparent and thereby tradable. Every organization in each sector, from construction to healthcare, can share equipment, waste, materials, services, facilities and personnel with other companies (external) or between departments and entities within an organization, for which we develop tailor made internal sharing platforms. Leading to cost savings, additional turnover, efficiency, sustainability and collaboration.

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The general sharing platform is available in about ten languages, so every organization worldwide can use FLOOW2 to optimize the use of their available assets, services and personnel. With about 35 000 users, several internal sharing marketplaces for businesses, hospitals, industrial areas/regions have already been launched.

See for more examples.