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What is it made of and where do I drop it for recycling? There's the Junker App for that.

Waste disosal is easy, just a blip away

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Giunko srl
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Junker App

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The need for the Junker App stems from two fundamental issues: the EU Strategy for a Circular Economy, on the one hand, aimed at transforming Europe's economy in a more sustainable one, and the high complexity of waste management, on the other hand. Uncertainties about the composition of products turn out to be time-consuming and annoying for people used to move and think so fast nowadays.

Therefore, the Junker App has been conceived to offer a viable solution to overcome these and other problems arising from waste management. It relies also upon the active involvement of the users themselves, whose contribution is yet another smart way to deliver significant results towards effective recycling of waste.

Using the App, users will be able to know the composing materials of the product to be cast away, the right bin, the door-to-door collection calendars and much more.

The app is available throughout the country, in four languages, so that even tourists can take benefit of it. Users just need to change their location in order to have updated information in each new town.

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  • The Junker App successfully serves Italian municipalities, for over 5 million inhabitants, all through Italy, standardising the way of providing information and, at the same time, respecting the differences in local services, with 1 person out of 3 using the Junker App (one download in each family), and 140 000  - the average of active daily users
  • Costs for recycling are optimised, while very high quality of data provided to citizens is maintained
  • Municipalities' rate of renewal of the annual subscriptions: 100%
  • Products added in database following notifications by users: 10%
  • Provides its information in 10 languages to empower tourists, minor ethnic groups, immigrants at the same level of information of the nationals.