Zero Carbon Resorts project towards Sustainable Development of the Tourism Sector in the Philippines and Thailand

Zero Carbon Resorts
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Zero Carbon Resorts

Tourism in the Philippines and Thailand is receiving increasing attention as an excellent development option, but with the vulnerability of developing countries to climate change it is inevitable to take the environmental performance of the tourism business into serious consideration. The tourism sector has a large potential for inclusive development but only if it’s done the right way, especially without damaging the natural environment, the very assets of tourism, and by involving the local economy, generating income along the whole value chain. Building upon the results and achievements of first Zero Carbon Resorts project, ZCR for Sustainable Tourism is going to the next level of energy and resource efficiency, towards a carbon neutral operation and sustainable tourism.

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Main results
  • Improvement of tourism SMEs: more than 800 tourism establishments have been supported towards achieving resource savings;
  • Enhancement of professional capacities: engineers, architects, professionals and even facility owners, managers and staff have been able to increase their capacities and knowledge through a series of training courses;
  • Green certification: a set of criteria has been developed as the national green certification for accommodation for the Philippines;
  • Policy intervention: an enabling policy environment for tourism establishments has been provided;
  • Showcasing low-carbon technologies;
  • Linkage with green suppliers, service providers, and financial institutions.