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This section includes relevant practices, innovative processes and 'learning from experience' examples. All information is provided by the stakeholders themselves who remain responsible for accuracy and veracity of the content.

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Do we have waste in 2030? - The role of municipalities in the transition to a circular economy

The purpose of the project has been to highlight the possibilities the municipalities and regions have to accommodate a more circular economy in the future.

PET to PET Reycling:The bottle-to-bottle loop

PET to PET automatic sorting system

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In operation since 2007, PET to PET Recycling Österreich GmbH focuses on the production of food-grade recycled PET, which is used for “bottle-to-bottle recycling”, a globally unique and resource-efficient recycling loop in which old PET bottles are turned into new ones.

What is it made of and where do I drop it for recycling? There's the Junker App for that.

Waste disosal is easy, just a blip away

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"Junker" is the APP which recognizes products, within a single click on their barcode, and provides citizens with all the necessary information for recycling their components in a correct and fast way. It is the application which makes waste disposal easy, thanks to the Internet of Things and user crowdsourcing.

Re-use before recycling of laser printer cartridges

Generic refurbishing process of laser printer cartridges

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Printer cartridges are seen as a single-use product by printer and cartridge Original Equipment Manufacturers. However, most of today’s printer cartridges fall within the scope of the WEEE-2 directive.

Granada biorefinery – A 100% circular facility

Aerial view of the Waste Water Treatment Plant in Granada, now transformed into a Biorefinery.

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The Granada Sur Biorefinery of Emasagra has set up an ambitious environmental strategy in order to become European circular economy reference in the field of sanitation and wastewater treatment.

CenBio - Enabling sustainable and cost-efficient bioenergy in Norway

CENBIO - Enabling sustainable and cost-efficient bioenergy in Norway
Belgium, Other (Norway)

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CenBio - Bioenergy Innovation Centre is one of Norway’s Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research.

Circular comfortable furniture, made from recovered (ocean) plastics

The chairs are made from recovered marine and coastal plastic

The company Van de Sant Innovations BV designs and manufactures comfortable sustainable furniture, made from recovered (ocean) plastics.

Circular Business Models for carpet tiles – Creating a climate fit for life

In 1994, Interface made a public commitment to become restorative by 2020. Since then, nature has been a mentor for Interface on its sustainability journey, driving the organisation to be more circular by applying biomimicry

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In 1994, the carpet tiles company Interface made a public commitment to become restorative by 2020, eliminating any negative impact the company might have. As 2020 approaches and the organisation is on track, working towards 100% renewable energy in production, 100% recycled and biobased materials, having reuse and recycling options available around the globe.