Economia circulare per tutti. Concetti base per cittadini, politici e attori economici.

Circular Economy for Beginners, Walter R. Stahel, Italian translation
Walter R. Stahel
Publication Date
May, 2019
Language for original content
Walter R. Stahel

The opportunities in the reuse and service-life extension of manufactured objects are fairly well documented. But a huge innovation potential lies dormant in the Circular Industrial Economy: the reuse and service-life extension of manufactured molecules. The latter is under-researched and under-exploited: reusing atoms and molecules in loops of highest purity, instead of recycling mixed wastes, is a challenge which involves chemistry on several levels, including the design of new molecules and mini-mill technologies to de-link existing materials. Innovative non-destructive and non-mixing collection and sorting processes will also need to be developed. Policy Innovation could close the invisible liability loop, by legislating an Extended Producer Liability.