How robust is the circular economy in Europe? An ascendency analysis with Eurostat data between 2010 and 2018

Filippos K. Zisopoulos
Daan Schraven
Martin de Jong
Publication Date
December, 2021
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Filippos Zisopoulos
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Ascendency analysis is a systematic method grounded on information theory for quantifying the efficiency and resilience of natural ecosystems. We apply the method on an EU level and discuss the implications for urban waste management systems by taking the case of the Netherlands as an example. In line with other authors we argue that ecological principles can be useful for develop human-made systems. Robustness against shocks is then endowed to the system by including a diverse set of stakeholders who provide a) resource-use efficiency through a cache of specialized know-how in capturing, processing, and delivering a plurality of resources, and b) resilience by generating multiple paths that allow these vital resources to circulate throughout the urban network at different scales and rates