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Circular Economy in Smart Cities

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3 Oct 2018 to 5 Oct 2018

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The ECOCITY FORUM 2018 "Circular Economy in Smart Cities" is a Multilateral Mega Event, focusing on the dissemination of the collective global knowledge on circular economy issues, as well as on raising public awareness and mobilizing national and regional administration towards interconnectedness of today’s global challenges. The Conference aims to assemble a broad spectrum of thinkers and doers in an environment that is both intellectual, as well as experiential, including best practices and models already implemented.

The program content includes opportunities to work on solutions towards the UN SDGss and provide feedback on current local or regional plans and learning from best kindred practices from around the world. Plenary and thematic sessions, workshops, round table meetings, academic and research papers, as well as exhibition of products and services related to urban sustainability and the circular economy will be held during the Conference.

The results of the Thessaloniki Conference will be announced internationally and will be delivered to the highest levels of policy, legislative and executive bodies and agencies.

The proceedings of the Congress include discussion-consultations aimed at shaping priorities in the development and implementation of Circular Economy issues. Also, the ECOCITY CIRCULAR ECONOMY GUIDEBOOK, a manual with performance management and measurement indicators for Healthy Smart Cities, will be the innovative handout of the event.