Circular textile design: get it right from the start!

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The design stage will determine up to 80 % of a product’s environmental impact. Designing better is key to reducing this impact.

Concepts like product durability, right to reuse, upgrade and repair, etc. will be at the heart of the European Commission’s upcoming Sustainable Products Initiative (SPI).
But what do these principles mean in practice for textiles? Where are the gaps in current standards and benchmarks, and how can we account for the variability of textile products when deciding on specific ecodesign criteria?

ECOS, OVAM, EMF, EuroCommerce, the Policy Hub, the Leadership Group on Textile and ECESP invite you on 9 November at 10:00 CET to this #EUCircularTalks event to discuss and expand the current Ecodesign directive to include textiles and within the upcoming EU Textile Strategy.

Speakers and experts will set the scene for the forthcoming SPI and provide the theoretical framework for applying eco-design principles to textile products. Business owners will present cases of how they used these ideas in practice.


Moderator: Lars Mortensen, Circular Economy, Consumption and Production Expert, EEA

10:00 - 10:05 Opening remarks

  • Cillian Lohan, EESC Vice-President

10:05 - 10:15 Setting the scene: European Commission

  • Paola Migliorini, Deputy Head of unit Sustainable Production, Products and Consumption, DG Environment

10:15 - 10:20 

  • Q&A

10:20 - 11:00 Panel - Design criteria for textiles - what can they help solve and how to get there?

  • Valeria Botta, Porgramme Manager, ECOS
  • Baptiste Carrière-Pradal, Chair of the Policy Hub
  • Wouter Dujardin, Ovam
  • Q&A

11:00 - 11:05 Coffee break

11:05 - 12:20 Case studies 

Circular design in practice 1

  • Juliet Lennon, Programme Manager - Make Fashion Circular, Ellen MacArthur Foundation [Jeans redesign]
  • Francesca Romana Rinaldi, Coordinator of Observatory SDA Bocconi "Monitor for Circular Fashion" [Circularity KPIs]
  • Iria Mouzo Lestón, Head of Circularity & Global Sustainability Public Policy Manager at Inditex [Sourcing and Recycling]
  • Q&A

Circular design in practice 2

  • Rawaa Ammar, PhD - Sustainability and Impact lead at Resortecs [Recycling & easy disassembly]
  • Martha Willis, Senior Manager Policy & Transparency (Global Sustainability), C&A
  • Q&A

12:20 - 12:30

  • Wrap-up and next steps