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29 Nov 2022

The ECESP Leadership Group on Social Enterprise invites you to attend this #EUCircularTalks event on 29 November from 14:00 - 16:00 CET.
Join us and discuss how collaboration between social enterprises, the public and private sectors and others can act as a catalyst for supporting and growing social enterprises' impact in the circular economy.

Key stakeholders, from large and small social enterprises to the public sector and researchers, will highlight partnership challenges and opportunities. After the event, you will have the opportunity to continue the discussion with our panellists via SpatialChat from 15:30 to 16:00 CET.

23 Nov 2022 to 27 Nov 2022
Circle the Med

The Circle the Med Forum 2022 will build on the findings and recommendations of COP27 and take into consideration the important developments in the Mediterranean Region in regard to energy transition, climate neutrality, zero pollution, and food security.

Circle Med promotes the concept of Circular Mediterranean and enhances the circular economy model as the one that will ensure a smooth energy transition and the carbon neutrality of the Region.

25 Nov 2022

Environmental impacts – including climate change and pollution – cannot be effectively mitigated by focusing on emission reduction alone. The accelerated depletion of natural resources is at the heart of the climate, biodiversity and pollution challenges facing the world today. The level of resource use determines the magnitude of final waste and emissions released into the environment, making resource management and efficiency key strategies for environmental protection.

The ECESP Coordination Group members, OVAM and EEB, invite you to this official WCEF side event on 25 November at 14:00 - 15:30 CET to discuss ways to govern the use of global resource in a sustainable and just manner.

23 Nov 2022 to 25 Nov 2022

The Basque Circular Summit is one of the largest events on eco-design and circular economy in Europe. It aims to provide information about major circular challenges, to analyse the opportunities for the Basque economy and to highlight the work carried out by local companies through public-private partnerships with a view to reaching the objectives of the Basque Circular Economy and Bioeconomy Plan 2024.

24 Nov 2022

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The Erasmus+ GREENER project, which aims to improve the skills of companies (with main focus on SMEs) to facilitate their involvement in Circular and Green Public Procurement, is organising its final conference on 24 November in Brussels.

22 Nov 2022 to 24 Nov 2022
Nordic Circular Summit 2022

The Nordic Circular Summit is a hybrid summit exploring circular economy in the Nordic region, hosted by Nordic Circular Hotspot and Nordic Innovation. Participants in the event will learn about the region's tremendous circular opportunities—with events offering talks, debates, panel discussions and workshops on topics such as circular tools, regenerative models and materials, communicating circularity, business and finance, energy and resources, construction, manufacturing and much more.

20 Oct 2022 to 24 Nov 2022

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Madrid and online


Enviroo is organising Circularweekendconsisting of an event in Madrid (in person and online) on Thursday 20 October 2022 and a series of sessions on the Circular Acceleration Programme (online) which will take place each Thursday from 20 October to 24 November. All events and sessions will be in Spanish.

There are three good reasons to attend Circularweekend:

  1. it will help you make your business model circular
  2. you will learn about the benefits and potential of the circular economy
  3. you will see real examples and a specific methodology.
18 Nov 2022 to 24 Nov 2022
Shifting Economy Week

Organized by the Shifting Economy administrations, Unizo and UCM, the Shifting Economy Week is a one-week meeting for all Brussels economic actors to lay the foundations of the regional transition. From 18 to 24 November 2022, a multitude of workshops, conferences, company visits and other activities await to inspire you, guide you, and collectively consider the transformation of all economic sectors in the Region.

22 Nov 2022

Infrastructure makes up a significant part of the built environment and is the backbone of a healthy economy. Delivering infrastructure, however, is becoming increasingly challenging. The sector has a significant environmental impact from material use, waste production and CO2 emissions.

As European economies are highly material import dependent, closing infrastructure material cycles at the European level is essential to address these challenges. It reduces pressure on the environment, enhances material supply security, increases competitiveness, innovation, and growth and creates jobs. But how can we achieve that? What challenges and opportunities for closing material cycles in infrastructure through European cooperation?

The ECESP leadership group on Building and Infrastructure invites you to identify blind spots and activate European cooperation for closing infrastructure material cycles. Join our panellists in an open discussion about closing material cycles at the EU level: what are the stakes, obstacles, and opportunities? What should be arranged at the EU level from a policy and market perspective to make that happen? Can the different value chain stakeholders collaborate on that?