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05 Sep 2018 to 07 Sep 2018
Technologies & Business Models for Circular Economy

The TBMCE will be devoted to presentations of circular economy concepts, technologies and methodologies that contribute to the shift of business entities and society as a whole to a more responsible, circular management of resources.

05 Sep 2018
Circular Impacts Final Conference

For the past 2 years, the CIRCULAR IMPACTS project has been collecting evindence on the impacts of moving towards a Circular Economy in Europe. On September 5th the project team will present its final report at an afternoon conference in Brussels with live feedback from the European Commission, whom these assessments aim to help in discussions with member states and civil society on progress in this field.

21 Aug 2018 to 25 Aug 2018

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The 6th International Degrowth Conference for ecological sustainability and social equity aims at promoting cooperation of different groups in the development of scientific, social and political proposals towards ecologically sustainable and socially just transformation.

18 Jul 2018 to 19 Jul 2018
Bologna conference logo

The European Movement Italy will host a two-day international workshop on "A New Successful Economic, Industrial, Financial, Territorial Management Model – SDGs & Circular Economy" in Bologna . This workshop, organised in collaboration with civil society partners and local authorities, aims to link the circular economy to the Sustainable Development Goals as a useful method to achieve these and adopt a new developmental paradigm.

The SDGs & Circular Economy workshop will provide an overview of initiatives at the European and Italian level, discuss existing projects, initiatives and policies, and formulate recommendations.

03 Jul 2018 to 04 Jul 2018
Creating value together: Towards joint business opportunities with social economy and traditional enterprises

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Social economy enterprises and traditional, for-profit enterprises collaborate in many ways. Together, they can co-create value for both partners and become a real source of jobs and social impact in Europe.

28 Jun 2018
Commission juridique de l’Institut national de l’économie circulaire

La commission juridique de l’Institut national de l’économie circulaire, animée par Maître Arnaud Gossement, se réunira à Paris 28 juin 2018.

28 Jun 2018
International Danube Day partners

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The Danube Day event, supported by the DTP JOINTISZA project, aims to call the attention to growing problem of plastic waste pollution and it also offers a networking platform to those actively involved in policy and NGO level to find joint solutions toward the reduction of the emerging waste problem.

22 Jun 2018
closing the circularity gap logo

Our world is only 9.1% circular and creating a more prosperous world requires personal, political and business leadership. But what can you do to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy?