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Genoa’s municipal pharmacies: collecting unused pharmaceuticals for those who need them

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The Farmacie Comunali of the city of Genoa, in partnership with the Associazione Gigi Ghirotti, organise the collection of unused pharmaceuticals to provide for the needs of those who would otherwise struggle to afford them. Through this project, Genoa's eight Farmacie Comunali distribute these "reused" pharmaceutical products. Pharmacies become collection points where local citizens can drop off pharmaceuticals they will not use.

The functional economy in the chemical industry: 8 case studies demonstrate efficiency and sustainability

Take Back Chemicals is innovating by proposing a 'functional economy' business model in the use of chemicals. Traditional business models are based on sales per volume, whereas TBC uses "chemical leasing" and regeneration process for greater efficiency and sustainability.  

The report is based on the study of 3 cases in Belgium and 5 cases in the Netherlands with leading chemical industries.