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  • The Communication on Circular Economy, adopted in 2015, calls on the Commission to establish a Platform dedicated to food waste prevention. Thus the EU Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste (FLW) was established in 2016, as an informal European Commission expert group bringing together EU institutions, international organisations, experts from Member States and actors in the food value chain including consumer and other non-governmental organisations.

    The Platform aids the Commission in identifying and prioritising actions to be taken at EU level in order to prevent food losses and food waste and supports all actors in identifying and implementing appropriate actions to take at national, regional and local levels. Its work is of a horizontal nature, aiming to identify opportunities for food waste prevention across the food production and consumption chain and facilitate inter-sector cooperation.

    The most recent estimates of European food waste levels (FUSIONS, 2016) reveal that 70% of EU food waste arises in the household, food service and retail sectors, with production and processing sectors contributing the remaining 30%. The EU and Member States are committed to meeting Sustainable Development Goal 12.3, adopted in September 2015, which targets to halve per capita food waste at the retail and consumer level by 2030 and reduce food losses along the food production and supply chains.


    All relevant documents related to the work of the Platform (such as agendas, minutes and participants' submissions) can be found on the Commission's dedicated food waste website

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    The Luxembourg EcoInnovation Cluster, managed by Luxinnovation, the National Agency for Innovation and Research, is an active network that brings together and supports various players of the clean technologies sector with the ultimate goal of turning the concept of circular economy into a reality in Luxembourg. The cluster's objectives are the following:

    • diversify the activities of the Luxembourg companies thus allowing them to gain and to develop new capabilities in the clean technologies field;
    • contribute to the development of new environmental solutions in the field of eco-technologies and sustainable construction;
    • raise public awareness to the uptake of “green technologies”;
    • build public-private partnerships in order to develop new collaborative projects of common interest;
    • encourage networking between public and private actors at the national and international level.

    The cluster provides the following services:

    • access to practical and technical information related to specific questions on eco-innovation;
    • advice on national and European funding opportunities for clean technologies;
    • value-added information on emerging technologies and markets.
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    Philippe Genot

    The Luxembourg Wood Cluster was set up in 2016 as a platform for exchange between all players in the wood sector, spanning from wood production to the end consumers of wood products. Its structure is managed by Luxinnovation, the National Agency for Innovation and Research.

    As a meeting point for innovative, public and private organisations in the region – companies as well as research centres – the Wood Cluster brings together know-how and facilitates the sharing of experience in Luxembourg and beyond. Optimising the market release and the use of wood resources in order to lengthen their life cycles, and creating and enhancing regional wood product chains are among its objectives.

    Its underlying logic is that of improving the recovery of this sustainable material par excellence at local and regional level. To this end, the Cluster:

    • promotes the wood sector as a whole,
    • organises networking events for its members ("Meet a member"),
    • organises conferences and thematic visits, 
    • manages technical working groups around the themes of wood production, processing and use,
    • looks for innovative projects and new technologies at national and international level, 
    • identifies and manages strategic flagship projects, and
    • supports sectoral SMEs and start-ups.

  • Plattform Kreislaufwirtschaft Austria
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    Julika Dittrich

    "Circular Futures - Plattform Kreislaufwirtschaft Österreich" is a solution-oriented multistakeholder platform that brings together professionals across relevant industries, the administration, politics, science and civil society in Austria. Circular Futures acts as a think-tank, incubator, and catalyst for projects and initiatives necessary for a successful transition to a circular economy in Austria.

    Circular Futures offers:

    • A website that serves as a central information and communication platform;
    • Knowledge events on the circular economy to inform and mobilise stakeholders;
    • Targeted capacity-building for relevant stakeholders through workshops, trainings, and the publication of project information;
    • The coordination of local activities and strengthening of regional networks; and
    • The involvement of relevant stakeholders in political processes (consultations, strategy/guideline developments, etc.) through information-sharing and mobilization.

    Circular Futures AT is a collaboration between the Umweltdachverband and the European Environmental Bureau (EEB), the Reuse and Repair Network Austria (RepaNet), and the Verband Abfallberatung Österreich (VABÖ).

  • The Upper Autrian Cleantech-Cluster networks all actors from the resource supplier, to the manufacturer, industrial researcher, to mechanical engineers, recyclers, and disposers in order to find joint solutions and develop new technologies. We cooperate with our 10 cluster initiatives in the Upper Austrian business support agency and 2000 partner companies, whose activities range from plastics, to automotive, furniture and wood construction, food, medical technology, mechatronics, IT, logistics, and HR, In order to support projects for SMEs in particular, the cluster also supports EU funding applications, thus offering its partners an internationally mature circular economy toolbox.

    THEMES and EXPERTISE in the network:

    • Material efficiency in production
    • Recycling
    • Recovery
    • Disposal
    • Circular design
    • Business Models
    • Initial and continuing education
    • Research


    • Cross-sector networking with researchers, companies, associations (regional, national, international)
    • Project development
    • Project Management
    • Process support through conception, moderation of workshops, work meetings, events
    • Funding advice
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    Christia Alexandrou
    Anthi Charalambous

    The “Cyprus Circular Economy Platform” aims to collect circular economy good practices and events from all stakeholders that can contribute to the transition to a circular economy across Cyprus. For industries, enterprises, local authorities, public bodies, associations, NGOs etc that have a good practice to demonstrate or an event to share, regarding the circular economy in Cyprus, this is the place to do it.


    The Cyprus Circular Economy Platform was co-created by the European Commission Representation in Cyprus and the Cyprus Federation of Employers & Industrialists (OEB) and was registered as a partner for the 2018 EU Green Week.

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    Nikos Maroulis
    Nathan Kably

    The European Resource Efficiency Knowledge Centre (EREK for short) is here to help European companies, especially SMEs, save energy, material and water costs. We provide tools, information and business opportunities that show you new and better ways to be resource efficient and benefit from circular economy business models which turn waste into an asset. EREK also supports national, regional and local organisations across Europe that work with SMEs to improve their environmental performance, helping them to become more resource efficient.

    SMEs can get the following benefits thanks to EREK’s tools and services:

    • Access to knowledge on best available technologies and business models
    • Better control of energy, water and material costs
    • Compliance checks for upcoming regulations
    • Become less dependent on suppliers
    • Demonstrate return on investment when adopting resource efficient measures Information on funding sources and technology providers
    • Help building a green image which enables the targeting of new customer segments

    EREK offers the following to SME intermediaries:

    • Tools and instruments for businesses to assess their saving potentials
    • Access to top international knowledge, technical expertise and practices on resource efficiency
    • Capacity-building workshops and networking events Online training opportunities to learn from resource efficiency experts
    • Overview of relevant support programmes available on European, national and regional levels
    • Updates on professional events within the community

    Concrete activities include:

    • European Resource Efficiency Self-Assessment Tool for SMEs
    • Catalogue of Resource Efficiency Improvement Measures
    • European Resource Efficiency Information Database
    • Online EREK platform
    • Structured knowledge on resource efficiency best practices
    • News, trends, and information on support programmes
    • Database and managed European network of the national and regional organisation providing support to SMEs in resource efficiency measures
    • Capacity-building and training workshops
    • Knowledge resources, expertise and sharing

    EREK is an initiative of the European Commission and is implemented by a consortium of organisations including Technopolis Group, VDI Zentrum Ressourceneffizienz (DE), WRAP (UK), Motiva (FI), Enviros (CZ), WAAT and Arctik (BE).

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    Circle Lab is an online platform for cities, businesses, and citizens to explore, brainstorm, and implement circular business models and strategies to tackle universal and local challenges.

    By digitising knowledge, opening up access, and encouraging co-creation, we aim to break down information silos and fuel cross-industry collaboration and innovation. The circular economy has the potential to change the world, and we believe the time to bring the concept to the kitchen table – so that everyone, from entrepreneurs to big brands, can play a role in making it a reality – is now.

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  • Catalunya Circular was launched on the 9th of May 2018 in Barcelona and it already has around 20 member organizations. Its aim is to become a central point of reference for circular economy (CE) in Catalonia.

    Besides providing useful knowledge and information on CE, Catalunya Circular offers an opportunity to raise awareness about the work done by Catalan businesses and society by publishing details of their CE initiatives. These initiatives are geolocated on an interactive map and can be selected using a search engine that allows users to look for projects by keyword and/or type of economy.

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    Networking and Innovation Platform
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    Laura Glasberg

    The ARA Innovation Space is a place for networking, interdisciplinary exchange and innovative creating around topics for a circular economy.

    For civil society, artists, scientists, creative people, students, entrepreneurs and all those who are simply curious. The goal of the ARA Innovation Space is to connect people on a cross-disciplinary level to join forces developing and implementing innovative solutions – contributing to the sustainable use of our natural resources.

    We organize workshops, networking events as well as creative formats such as exhibitions and performances on a regular basis.

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