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11 Jun 2018 to 14 Jun 2018
Holland Circular Economy Week 2018

The Holland Circular Economy week brings together a delegation of approximately 150 foreign knowledge institutions, business and government representatives with a special interest in CE.

06 Jun 2018 to 08 Jun 2018
Wascon 2018

WASCON is the reference international conference on the use of alternative materials in construction.

05 Sep 2018 to 07 Sep 2018
Technologies & Business Models for Circular Economy

The TBMCE will be devoted to presentations of circular economy concepts, technologies and methodologies that contribute to the shift of business entities and society as a whole to a more responsible, circular management of resources.

03 Oct 2018 to 05 Oct 2018
Nijmegen, The Netherlands

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Registration is now open for the EcoProcura 2018 conference on sustainable, circular, and innovation procurement.

The interactive programme will present, discuss and identify ways of using procurement as an effective tool in the strategic decision making process of a public authority. It will focus on important policy areas for a sustainable, innovative and circular future. 

30 May 2018
How do we assess projects' circularity?

A specific task of the SCREEN project is dealing with a common agreement on a specific set of "evaluation criteria for circular economy projects".

07 Jun 2018
Policy Conference of EUSEW 2018

This year edition of the EU Sustainable Energy Week will host a session titled ' Circular Economy – Energy and More'  on the 7th of June at 11.00-12.30 in Brussels.

04 Jun 2018
Exposition de produits et solutions de l’économie circulaire  en Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Les Rencontres de l'économie circulaire en Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes se dérouleront le 4 juin 2018 à l'Hôtel de Région de Lyon.

16 May 2018

Tthis event will discuss the key barriers to the market transformation and the policy mix needed to remove these barriers and accelerate a large scale adoption of circular economy business models, technologies and practices.

14 Jun 2018 to 16 Jun 2018

„OSCEdays Berlin“ stands for the „Open Source Circular Economy Days Berlin“. It is, since 2015, a successful annual event on circular economy and transparency based collaboration methodologies for it, held in Berlin.

04 May 2018
Consumer protection in a circular economy

The International Conference on Consumer Protection in a Circular Economy aims in the first place to explore the “circular economy” concept and strategies from an interdisciplinary perspective, and, secondly, to identify and critically assess “circular economy” legal instruments in various steps of the value chain and with regard to new economic models, while paying increasing attention to the most pressing consumer protection issues.

18 Apr 2018 to 19 Apr 2018
Conference about CE in Poland - 3Revolution: Reduce, Reuse, Recover

Conference about CE in Poland - 3Revolution: Reduce, Reuse, Recover

10 May 2018 to 11 May 2018
Registration now open: Unfolding Circular Economy Roadmaps conference

The third edition of the Circular Change Conference will be a two-day interactive stream of indoor and outdoor events. 

22 Feb 2018
Appel à projets « Be Circular – be brussels 2018 »

Au programme, la présentation des grandes lignes de l’appel à projet 2018 ainsi qu’une mise à l’honneur des lauréats 2017 au travers d’une remise des prix officielle en présence des ministres.

21 Aug 2018 to 25 Aug 2018

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The 6th International Degrowth Conference for ecological sustainability and social equity aims at promoting cooperation of different groups in the development of scientific, social and political proposals towards ecologically sustainable and socially just transformation.

10 May 2018 to 11 May 2018

The third edition of the Circular Change Conference will be a two-day interactive stream of indoor and outdoor events.