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A Blueprint on Industrial Symbiosis to achieve a circular and regenerative economy

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Under the framework of the INSIGHT project (Erasmus + KA202 project), a Blueprint has been developed to provide specific recommendations on how to promote the application of Industrial Symbiosis (IS) and its facilitation to various stakeholders, as well as a roadmap of how the organisations are expected to apply the IS principles, by making use of educational specific inputs and resources.

The INSIGHT Consortium vision projects into a future where the IS is recognized as a key resource strategy and disseminated throughout Europe, to achieve a circular and regenerative economy.

The INSIGHT Blueprint focuses on five priorities:

  1. Inform
  2. Train
  3. Finance
  4. Connect
  5. Frame

and proposes a set of recommendations at EU, national, regional, local, and company level, to increase IS awareness across a diverse group of specialists and stakeholders, including ministries, regional and local authorities, industrial park owners, SMEs, industries, academia, VET providers, business associations and development agencies.

In addition, an Action plan is proposed to relevant entities at EU, national, regional, local and company level, along with an estimated timeline and specific success indicators.

Finally, a Memorandum of understanding has been prepared to confirm the support of stakeholders.

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