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Bring-your-own and thrifty decor make a perfect match in this zero-waste coffee house

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Boentje Cafe

To show how zero waste can become reality and provide inspiration for consumers to change their lifestyle, two Brussels entrepreneurs have set up the first waste-free and circular coffee house.

Working only with local suppliers, carefully reflecting upon its purchases and selecting second-hand options for furniture and decor, the café has been able to avoid using any packaging and set up closed loops for its supply chains. The result is a welcoming place where customers can enjoy high-quality products with minimal or positive impact on the environment.

To learn more about Boentje's philosophy, watch the video below (FR):

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  • Customers are welcome to bring their own containers when they want drinks or food to take away, and pay only for the product.
  • All furnishings are second hand, and all condiments are sustainable or reusable.
  • With its seasonal products made in-house, the café tries to challenge its consumers' perception of how local ingredients can be used.
  • The café supports companies and consumers looking to adopt sustainable habits with zero waste workshops.