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cleanSpot - a smartphone application to find your nearest recycling centre


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Marcos Martínez Robles

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Marcos Martínez

The idea behind the cleanSpot application - to be uploaded on smartphones and GPS - is to provide people with an easy way to search for recycling centres (called puntos limpios - clean spots in Spanish) and specialised recycling containers where they can simply go and drop off their non conventional urban waste for correct recycling.

The application provides a map with all recycling spots, which users can easily navigate to search for the nearest. Users can also take a picture of their waste to detect - via image recognition - the category it belongs to and calculate the amount of CO2 emissions saved when correctly recycling/reusing it.

Main results: 
  • Currently almost 65.000 recycling spots have been located throughout Spain
  • The cleanSpot developers are planning to expand to other countries with localised versions of the same app.
  • Developers are also assisting non-profit organisations in getting more benefits from their social projects (higher quantities of collected waste), since the app helps users to locate containers collecting specific types of waste.