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ecoHORNET develops multi-system burner with ecological combustion procedure to create pyrolysis gas, oil and biochar

ecoHORNET W2B recycling eco station

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Mihai Iulian Cuculas
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Industrial Waste Treatment Unit - W2B Unit
Mihai Iualian Cuculas

After 5 years of studies, research and tests, ecoHORNET has created the W2E recycling eco station. Using pyrolysis, this machine enables creating, efficiently and without pollution, bio-based oil and gas out of everything that burns.

By thermo-chemically treating industrial biomass and other non-recyclable waste in the absence of oxygen, the W2B recycling eco station creates valuable products such as recyclable pyrolysis gas, pyrolysis oil, biochar, carbon black and other biologically neutral residues, which can then be stored ecologically and used for the recovery of energy from waste.

As the machine makes it possible to transform agricultural waste into bio-based gas and oil, ecoHORNET contributes to reducing fossil fuel use. To see the W2B recycling eco station in action, view the video below (in French), where a demonstration transforms 30 kg of coal into 6.5 litres of pyrolysis oil and 1.5 litres of pyrolysis gas ->


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The W2B eco recycling unit has a production capacity of 2 tonnes an hour, and can be used in any industrial waste recycling flow to recover valuable products such as bio-fuels and biochar.

With 2 kg of pelleted agricultural waste, the W2B recycling eco unit can produce bio-fuels equivalent to 1 m3 of natural gas, 1 litre of diesel fuel, or 4 kg of wood.