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EKORU: Recycling Finnish antique coins and old spoons to make jewelry

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Laura Saarivuori-Eskola

After Finland changed its currency from Finnish marks to Euros, the metal of old coins found other purposes.

Finnish jewellery company EKORU makes jewellery out of discarded Finnish coins, old silver spoons and other cutlery, obtained from various collectors. All jewellery is handcrafted in Tampere, Finland, by designer Laura Saarivuori-Eskola, who started her business in 2006, having two years earlier discovered how useful this material is to make new items.

For this Finnish designer, jewellery has a story and is personal. Using recycled materials enhances that story.

EKORU also organises silver spoon workshops, where one can learn metalworking without previous experience.

For more information about the process, watch this video. Read more about EKORU in this news article



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  • EKORU  jewelry is sold in a shop in Tampere and has a few retailers in Finland
  • Half of the jewelry is made to order, also from spoons or coins provided by the customer.