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LIFE DIANA - turning Petroleum Refinery Sludge into soil with added value

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Energy efficiency
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Pachnos Michalis

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In oil refinery industry, processing residues known as Petroleum Refinery Sludges (PRS), are currently classified as hazardous waste. Around 1 million tons of PRS are produced each year in Europe.

Cost-effective treatment and proper disposal of PRS pose considerable challenges to the industry. The DIANA project aims at proposing an innovative process to turn PRS into a Valorised Sludge Mixture (VSMà-) that can, in turn, be processed into added value Engineered Soil, to be applied in landfill construction and restoration.

Watch the video for more details about the transformation process:

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  • contribute to the shift towards a more circular economy
  • stimulate the synergy between oil processing industry, natural resources (minerals) industry and environmental industry (landfills).