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ReWeee: Reducing Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment in Greece

Reweee project

The ReWeee Project aims to prevent the creation of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and to demonstrate that WEEE can be efficiently sorted and re-used.

Circul'R: Unlocking the circular economy's potential

circular economy consulting

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Circul'R is an international network of circular economy startups. Its mission is to unlock the circular economy's potential by connecting innovative startups with companies so that they can co-create solutions to accelerate their transition towards the circular economy.

Turning waste into energy by co-generation using biomass

Genesis Biopartner - plant

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Local industrial cluster

Genesis Biopartner has built a plant for the co-generation of thermal energy (heat) and mechanical energy (electricity) from biogas in Romania.

The Ecotic Caravan - WEEE collection and awareness campaigns

Caravan - WEEE collection and awareness campaigns

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The educational project Ecotic Caravan co-financed by LIFE+, ran between 2014 and 2016 and aimed to raise awareness on environmental protection and sustainable development by focusing on efficient management of WEEE waste. The caravan travelled across Romania and was parked in the main squares so that the general public could easily interact. Workshops with school children were also organized. 

The caravan program reached over 20,000 persons and the school program more than 50,000 pupils, contributing to the collection of over 10 tons of WEEE.

Transforming waste into resources

Green Group: Resource the Waste

Green Group Holding: integrated waste management solutions for six main waste streams associated with households and SMEs (WEEE, plastics, PET, glass, lighting bulbs, cardboard) are now available in Romania as a pioneer development for South Eastern Europe via a private investment starting back in 2012.

Chants Libres - a pilot project combining professional furniture upcycling and social enterprise

Creation of a pilot sector for the recovery and re-used of materials from household furniture waste.

Atelier Extramuros is a social enterprise specialised in upcycling in the furniture sector, using reclaimed material from discarded professional furniture.

'Chants Libres' is a new pilot project aiming at improving recycled material sourcing - with the support of Valdelia - and designing protoypes for the professional furnishing sector.

Circular cement: processing waste to create cement in a circular economy

Cement production plant (illustration)

Every year, 2.5 billion tonnes of waste is produced in Europe. Thanks to its production process, the cement industry is able to use waste both as a fuel source and for secondary mineral materials.

The 48er-Tandler Re-use Shop – A Waste Prevention and Re-use Initiative of the City of Vienna


Vienna's Municipal Department 48, responsible for the city's waste management, has been active in re-use since 1989, when the city’s first re-use shop was founded. In Summer 2015, the Department opened the 48-er Tandler: a mobile re-use shop where citizens can buy affordable, quality second-hand goods and whose proceeds go entirely to charity. 

Virtuous recycling of end-of-life tyres by Ecopneus

The virtuous recycling of End-of-Life Tyres by Ecopneus

Ecopneus is a non-profit consortium company consisting of the largest tyre manufacturers in Italy. It currently handles 70% of the tyres that reach the end of their life-cycles.

Ecoplasteam recycles multi-layer packaging integrally to produce EcoAllene


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Ecoplasteam has created a new plastic material - EcoAllene™​ - integrally recycled, this material contains two of the three layers - paper, polyethylene and aluminium - of "tetrapak" packaging.