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Working with Industrial Spaces to Exemplify Reuse - WISER LIFE

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The WISER project impacts positively upon behavioural change in relation to resource efficiency and reuse principles. Through its activities WISER raises awareness relating to resource consumption and waste generation building upon pilot project activities of the Rediscovery Centre that hosts 4 social enterprises (upcycling paints, furniture, fashion and bicycles). 


Rcycl creates jobs

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The LIFE project RCYCL (LIFE99 ENV/B/000640) set up a scheme for the collection and reuse of bulky waste in municipalities of Belgium’s German-speaking community and the region of Verviers, under the auspices of a social enterprise.

From construction waste to construction material: progressive recycled wood stone

Some end-use application of the wood stone manufactured by Destaclean®

Destaclean® Puukivi (Wood stone) is a progressive recycled material, of which the prepared products are ecological, lightweight, durable and easy to machine. The resulting wood stone is a composite of pure recycled wood fibre, rock minerals, cement and water.

Reuse and recycling of loading pallets

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Every year, two million renovated pallets do another tour in serving the industry. Wooden pallets can be reused again and again, and eventually a worn-out pallet will be utilised as energy for heating.

New, innovative bioenergy products from paper and pulp mills’ sidestreams utilizing novel biogas technology

EcoEnergySF Oy has a biogas plant in the area of Metsä Fibre Bioproduct Mill in Äänekoski, Finland. The biogas plant processes the wastewater slurries of the BioproductMill, and turn those into biogas for transportation, carbon dioxide for pulping process as well as fertilizers and solid biofuel for boiler plants.

Traditional Christmas ham goes circular with the HamTrick campaign (Kinkkutemppu)

The Ham trick (Kinkkutemppu in Finnish) is a consumer campaign that was organised in 2016 and 2017 in Finland during the Christmas period.

The Ham trick is a cross-sectoral co-operation with Finnish companies and organizations. The aim of the campaign was to bring the concept of circular economy closer to consumers, to advise about recycling and at the same time avoiding that the drains were choked by excess fat when preparing the traditional Christmas ham.

Geocycle gives second life to C&DW through the cement manufacturing process

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The cement industry and LafargeHolcim under the Geocycle brand, have developed strong expertise in coprocessing. This latter refers to the simultaneous recovery of energy and the recycling of mineral materials within one single industrial process: cement manufacturing. This waste treatment solution allows 100% of the material input to be recovered or recycled in the production process without any additional residue or impact on health and cement quality.

Giving plastic bottles a second life through “Bottle-to-Bottle” in Rostock

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Every year in Rostock, Veolia converts 1 billion PET drinks bottles into so-called recyclate from which preforms/bottles can again be manufactured.