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Nutripeople uses Spain's fruit surplus to create superfood packets that alleviate malnutrition

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While nearly a billion people on this earth go hungry, a third of all the food that is produced ends up as waste. Nutripeople, a Murcian start-up in the heartland of Spain's fruit and vegetable industry, seeks to address this by using contemporary food research to transform surplus produce into superfoods that contribute to alleviate malnutrition and famine.

Nutripeople engages larger agri-food companies when seeking raw materials, and attempts to motivate them in following up on their corporate social responsibility policies by selling written off / surplus produce from across Spain. The company transforms this produce into superfoods by producing various long-life sachets with highly nutrititional contents, to be sold at a reasonable price in areas suffering famine.

With a commitment to continuous innovation in its technologies and factory processes, Nutripeople also integrates the Sustainable Development Goals with specific actions, e.g. by reducing the use of polyethylene and developing recyclable containers (SDG 13 - climate action) or promoting the establishment of agri-food industry in developing countries (SDG 8 - decent work & economic growth).

Main results: 

In 2017, Nutripeople completed a pilot project with Save the Children in Mauritania, constructing its factory and designing its production process.

The company now has the capacity to produce 42 million pouches of superfood a year using a capless Doypack system, which has reduced polyethylene use by 70%, 

With production ongoing, Nutripeople saves 962 litres of water for each kilo of overproduced fruit that it recovers.