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PackAlliance - European alliance for innovation training & collaboration towards future packaging


PackAlliance is a Knowledge Alliance that brings together academic and industry partners from 4 EU countries (ES, PL, FI and IT) committed to foster Academia-Industry collaboration for the development of new skills and competence building for innovation towards the transition of the plastics packaging industry to a circular economy model.

PackAlliance aims to:

  • equip higher education students and industry professionals with updated skills required for circular economy transformation of the plastic packaging sector
  • modernise and align Higher Education Institutions (HEI) curricula with the plastic packaging industry needs
  • establish long-lasting collaboration schemes between HEI and industry on knowledge, talent transfer and entrepreneurship in sustainable plastics packaging.

The PackAlliance consortium is supported by a strong network of 15 associated partners, representing EU industrial associations, business clusters, large companies and SMEs, regional governments, and higher education accreditation bodies. It also brings together 3 members of the Coordination Group of the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform.

Main results: 
  1. Comparative analysis of Higher Education training offer versus skills demand of the plastics packaging sector for a transition to a circular economy
  2. Design of an industry-driven training programme on up-to-date skills on circular economy processes
  3. Creation of “PackAlliance Hubs” as spaces connecting Academia & Business for stimulation of skills up-take, innovation and entrepreneurship
  4. Integration of learner-centred and real problem-based pedagogic approach into the training programme through the academia-industry PackAlliance Hubs
  5. Creation of an European Network of PackAlliance Hubs working on common challenges and promoting transnational mobility for knowledge exchange and co-creation
  6. Policy recommendations and transnational openness of training resources