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Product Circularity Data Sheet: a solution to access circularity data

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Technopolis Group

The Circularity Dataset is an initiative by Luxembourg’s Ministry of the Economy and some international industry leaders. It has developed the “Product Circularity Data Sheet” (PCDS): a data template for standardising data about the circular aspects of products. The template goes hand in hand with a data exchange protocol.

The platform’s goals include:

  • raising awareness and providing reliable data about the circular life of a product
  • creating a standard data source for anyone to assess how circular a product is, and
  • setting up an audit system based on the data produced.
Main results: 

For each product, the database includes an internationally accepted dataset describing its circular aspects so buyers can make informed choices. Results include:

  • Involving various private stakeholders in the project
  • Launching a “Product Circularity Data Sheet”
  • Setting up an international standard and related auditing system
  • Project to bolster the independence and transparency of the supply chain.