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Recovering and cleaning shavings and metal waste by applying centrifugal force of nature


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Parma (Emilia Romagna Region); Bellusco (Monza and Brianza Province - Lombardia Region)

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ICESP (Italian Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform)
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Centrifugation is an energy-saving process which makes it possible to obtain excellent results, in terms of separation of different materials, without residues or use of process substances.

NuovaSara oil separator centrifuges, which can be manually or automatically loaded, apply the physical principle of centrifugal separation to break down shavings and metal waste. The de-oiled shavings can be recovered and valorised as by-products or secondary raw materials.

NuovaSara offers oil-separating centrifuges for micro-chips, centrifuges for filtration and de-oiling of oily sludge, centrifuges for oil filtration. All these materials can be treated, reclaimed and filtered, and the oil recovered.

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    Thanks to NuovaSara centrifuges:

    • metal waste can be managed and recovered inside the manufacturing company, in a circular process in which shavings, metal waste and mineral oil can be separated, recycled and revalued as a secondary raw material;
    • the lubricating-cooling oil is recovered, thus preventing pollution and danger in the workplace and exerting a beneficial impact on the environment.