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Recycling of obsolete furniture and furnishings by Revì

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Revì - Upcycling furniture design has a number of stages:

  1. Recovering old fashioned, retro and vintage furniture through an online system that shows users how to upcycle their own furniture, using a kit that is sent by post and a video tutorial (still being prepared).
  2. Design using mock ups and photoshopping, on commission from private clients and for our collections (see website).
  3. Creating furniture with natural colours and employing local artisans, such as upholsterers, glaziers, framers and carpenters.
  4. Direct and online sales (we are still working on the online aspect).

Identified challenge(s):

Main results: 

Revì aims to have a social impact by raising awareness about recycling furniture and encouraging local crafts. It also has an environmental impact by recovering material which would otherwise be classed as rubbish.

With their online sales, they expect to have a good economic impact on the local area by employing consideraable numbers of artisans to create objects and furniture.