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Sulapac prevents litter by creating biodegradable straws and materials

Straws made of woodchips

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Noora Nyländen

To tackle the global plastic waste problem, Sulapac, a Finnish start-up, has created a safe and circular alternative to traditional plastic. Primarily made of wood and plant-based binders, Sulapac® material is non-toxic, microplastic-free and recyclable via industrial composting. The raw materials are sustainably sourced and the wood used is industry side stream.

Sulapac® can be used with existing plastic product manufacturing machinery, which makes it a commercially sound replacement for plastic. Sulapac® can be used for a variety of applications such as cosmetics packaging, personal care items, and clothing hangers. The company has also introduced the world’s most sustainable mass-producible straw, which doesn’t harm the ecosystem if it accidentally ends up in the ocean.

View more about Sulapac in this video presentation by its co-founder and CEO Suvi Haimi below ->

Main results: 
  • Sulapac®  is a solution for the circular economy. It utilizes wood industry’s side streams and is organically recyclable. Also mechanical recycling is a feasible option in the future.
  • If Sulapac®  material accidentally ends up in the natural environment, it can be digested by naturally occurring microorganisms into CO2, H2O and biomass leaving no microplastics behind.
  • There are different variations of the material, of which the Sulapac® Universal and Premium Materials for injection molding are 100% plant-based. Due to the high percentage of plant-based raw materials, Sulapac® is a way to reduce a product’s carbon footprint.
  •  Sulapac® material is compliant with EU regulations on food and chemicals.