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Urban Wood - making the most of urban trees

Legno Urbano

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Private company
Italy, Switzerland
Switzerland / Italy
Sessa (Canton Ticino - Switzerland); Porto Valtravaglia (Varese - Lombardy Region - Italy)

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ICESP (Italian Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform)
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Many common urban tree removal practices consider felled urban trees as costly waste. Legno urbano knows that trees removed from city/community private/public spaces due to their health conditions, their instability or other circumstances, such as spatial planning needs, are a resource worth saving.

Legno Urbano is an innovative project developed in Italy to promote wood recovering from urban trees.The project also aims at protecting the climate: wood conservation entails the conservation of the carbon stock accumulated in plant biomass, thus limiting CO2 release.

The objectives of the “Urban Wood” Project are:

  1. felling urban trees,
  2. sawing them into boards,
  3. placing the boards on the market
  4. using them for the creation of unique and "local" products.
Main results: 
  • The project supply chain is guaranteed through an innovative marking and digital traceability management system which makes it possible to identify and trace each wood board from its production phase to its use in the final product.
  • According to the principles of circular economy, felled urban trees are guaranteed a second life as manufactured goods or works of art.
  • Legno Urbano takes its inspiration from the international movement Urban Wood.
  • It also offers professional training courses on how to get the highest product from urban trees.