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Circulab's Circular design course


Shift from linear to circular, learn to rethink and redesign: acquire the mindset, tools and skills needed to solve modern problems and transition to the circular economy through circular design. Circulab's Master Circular Design course has been designed to give you the keys to start your circular journey, adapt your organisation and create future-proof products and services.

FURN360: Circular business training course for the furniture and woodworking sectors

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FURN360 training course is a free-of-charge set of online modules offering 80 hours of training to understand the shift needed in the furniture industry to engage in a circular economy.

MOOC in Circular Economy: now available in Portuguese and Spanish


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The first edition of "MOOC in Circular Economy" in Portuguese and Spanish is now available. The course is completely free and developed under the CIRCULAR LABS Project which is co-financed by the Interreg programme.

Master's degree programme in Sustainable Chemistry and Technologies for Circular Economy

Padua University Master's course

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The master's degree programme in Sustainable Chemistry and Technologies for Circular Economy offered by the University of Padova will be available as of the 2021-22 academic year. It is one of the first of its kind in Europe and aims to explore the key issues of the circular economy transition and sustainability. It will be taught entirely in English and is a two-year course.

Environmental education by Linea Gestioni

Linea Gestioni

The LGH Company – Linea Gestioni – manages the Integrated Waste Service and Energy Service in Northern Italy, aiming to provide efficient services for the community and to promote the principles of sustainability. It has also launched an educational programme for 10 000 students, which seeks to raise awareness about sustainable development, energy and recycling.

Design4Circle: Circular Economy Design Training in the Textile, Fashion and Footwear Sectors

Design 4 Circle

Sign up for the Design4Circle course, with a total of 70 hours of training, to understand the necessary shift in the textile industry towards a more sustainable circular economy.

The Stars Are Circular Foundation: empowering children to participate in the circular economy


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The Stars Are Circular Foundation educates children and families about the circular economy. It aims to provide them with the tools to become conscious, innovative and collaborative participants in the circular economy. Its educational programmes seek to develop children's social, creative and entrepreneurial skills to ensure a mindset that believes in a healthy planet.

Walki Circular Classroom: co-created learning material stimulates circular thinking at school


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The Circular Classroom is a new educational platform for learning about the circular economy. This open platform provides secondary schools and upper secondary schools with new tools for discussing the circular economy within a curriculum that promotes phenomenon-based learning and integrated subjects.

Circul'R: Unlocking the circular economy's potential

circular economy consulting

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Circul'R is an international network of circular economy startups. Its mission is to unlock the circular economy's potential by connecting innovative startups with companies so that they can co-create solutions to accelerate their transition towards the circular economy.

Paper Challenge at school!

'Paper Challenge' is a sustainable development education programme that provides support for the implementation of responsible paper management in schools.

Greenlab accelerating green business in Brussels

GreenLab (previously BSE Academy) has been created to develop environmental markets in the Brussels-Capital Region and create jobs of all kinds.