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Circulab's Circular design course


Shift from linear to circular, learn to rethink and redesign: acquire the mindset, tools and skills needed to solve modern problems and transition to the circular economy through circular design. Circulab's Master Circular Design course has been designed to give you the keys to start your circular journey, adapt your organisation and create future-proof products and services.

Transitioning from linear to circular - Multimedia Online Teaching by Inchainge

Multimedia Online Teaching

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Dive into the online business game The Blue Connection together with your students for a case study on introducing circularity into supply chains. The learning outcome is to have an understanding of the principles of circular supply chain management. Experience the circular way of doing business for a sustainable future! 

Circular Economy Institute: training people to be circular

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Circular Economy Institute (CEI) certificates are professional credentials for those aiming to excel in the circular economy. The certificates available are "Circular Economy Trained", "Circular Economy Specialist" and "Circular Economy Instructor".