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Päijät-Häme roadmap towards a circular economy

Päijät-Häme roadmap towards a circular economy

Road map towards circular economy in Päijät-Häme, Finland
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October, 2017

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A circular economy is a strategic priorirty for Finland's Päijät-Häme region, which is reflected in its RIS3 orientation and in Lahti's (the region's main city) development strategy. Whereas Finland's national framework for  a circular economy provides an outlines for this transition, the Päijät-Häme regional roadmap, a joint strategy for nine municipalities, implemeents the national aims with actions at the regional level.

The roadmap was launched in October 2017 as part of Päijät-Häme's regional economic strategy for 2018–2021. The drafting process was coordinated by the Lahti University of Applied Sciences, in close cooperation with the regional council and local stakeholders such as regional and municipal authorities, academia, a regional development corporation, as well as public and private companies.

Päijät-Häme's roadmap has five main themes, with regional goals and actions set for each. The overarching themes are:

  • Closed loops of technical streams to create added value
  • Sustainable business from bio-circular economy
  • Towards energy self-sufficiency by sustainable transport and energy solutions
  • Shared economy generates new consumption models and business opportunities
  • Piloting and demonstrating innovative circular economy solutions

Because input was sought from across the region through workshops and discussions, a stakeholder consultation and further informal contacts, the regional council created substantial enthusiasm and buy-in throughout the area, thus creating a foundation for successful implementation. The roadmap is a living document, with annual updates scheduled to identify new opportunities and involve new actors.