Recovinyl- Stimulating and encouraging the use of recycled PVC

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Recovinyl is an initiative by the European PVC value-chain aimed at facilitating PVC waste collection and recycling under the Voluntary Commitments of Vinyl 2010 and VinylPlus®.

Recovinyl’s target is to stimulate and certify the recycling of 800,000 tonnes of PVC waste by 2020 as one of the challenges set in the VinylPlus Voluntary Commitment. Recovinyl's mission extends to optimising the resource efficiency of the PVC industry by mediating between recyclers and converters to establish a trustworthy relationship and material flow.

Recovinyl ensures quality and safety by providing a system of traceability of the material through its recycling path. Thanks to the collaboration between PVC Forum Italia and Recovinyl Italy, an innovative national web platform was created through which the PVC recycling chain will be able to share waste, by-products or End of Waste.

Main results

PVC Forum Italia and Recovinyl Italy joined forces to set up the R-PVC Hub. It is an innovative web platform, connected to the site of PVC Forum Italia, that provides exchange of information for offers and demands in recycled PVC, and on which manufacturing companies, processors and recyclers can find new business opportunities.

R-PVC Hub is featured in our European Circular Economy platforms and networks directory.