Denmark learns from Belgium on how to create repair and reuse networks

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In September 2018, members of the Danish inter-municipal waste management company AVV, which serves two Danish municipalities, visited the City of Brussels and its surroundings as part of a study visit on setting up effective repair and reuse systems. The visit was organised in the framework of the TAIEX Peer-2-Peer EU Programme and with the support of Municipal Waste Europe and Bruxelles Environment.

The aim was for the Danish municipalities served by AVV to learn from the Flemish and the Walloon experience of waste prevention and setting up repair and reuse networks. The Flemish system studied was the ‘De Kringwinkel Televil’ network, with the study visit focussing on how it was set up, its relationship with the social sector and its methodology.

The Walloon reuse and repair system and how this prevents waste generation through the reuse of products was studied together with the Walloon partner, Les Petits Riens.

The exchange of knowledge entailed learning about the legislative framework, incentives, promotion of reuse and repair networks as well how to establish a functioning infrastructure. 

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Main results

Over the two-day visit, staff of AVV and the waste management units learned:

  • how to set up a repair and reuse network,
  • how to hire staff from among unemployed people and people with disabilities and how to train them to repair and upcycle waste,
  • legal and administrative aspects of enabling such networks to be created in Denmark.

They were also informed about the EU legal framework and how to set, communicate, and implement policies and activities that help them reach any targets set. The expected outcome is that the lessons learned will be taken back to Denmark and put into practice. AVV intends to replicate the repair and reuse networks for all relevant Danish waste streams in their municipalities and to adapt and implement the waste prevention strategies.