Koovee: this range of single-use cutlery is actually edible, crunchy and tasty!

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Tiphaine Guerout - CEO
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Koovee - Tiphaine Guerout

Koovee is one of the first edible cutlery companies in Europe. Made with flour, Koovee replaces plastic cutlery, which will be legally banned by 2020, while bringing some fun to catering experiences.

Plastic cutlery presents a major environmental challenge: 4.73 billion plastic spoons are thrown out in France every year contributing to the 9 million tons of plastic added to our oceans every year. Less than 5% of plastic is recycled, it takes about 200 years to disappear in the environment and degrades into micro plastic in our oceans, destroying marine wildlife.

Koovee provides a simple, zero waste solution at an industrial scale. Its pricing is competitive with bioplastic which makes it an attractive eco-friendly alternative for catering companies consuming several millions of pieces of cutlery each year. To add taste to the zero waste experience, Koovee cuttlery comes in different natural flavours.

Main results
  • 100 000 spoons sold and used by catering professionals 
  • 50 B2B clients - Successful R&D to come up with solids products
  • one year of R&D financed by BPI France (French State Investment) to come up with a solid and functional edible cutlery
  • cutlery can resist up to 6 mintues in water over 65C°
  • cutlery is strong enough that it will not break while being used or transported
  • after several prototypes, the final product is composed of the following ingredients:
    • Wheat Flour
    • Colza Oil
    • Salt
  • the wheat is stored locally in order to reduce the environmental impact of the product